Who Me?

Me? I’m a crier. When I’m happy I cry, when I’m sad.. I cry. Angry, frustrated, excited? I cry! For as long as I can remember, my tear ducts have been directly linked to every emotion on the scale. From Happy to Devastated to Fuming. Every emotion I feel comes with it’s own waterfall of salty seas.. and doesn’t look like it’s about to change either.

To be honest. It doesn’t bother me. I accepted a long time ago that crying is not one of the things I should ever be ashamed of. We as people have latched onto this notion that any kind of emotion that makes us feel uncomfortable, should be pushed down and ignored until just talking about it becomes as if you said ‘You Know Who’s name out loud. We disregard any feeling associated with negativity  making it taboo to feel. You have to ignore half of your feelings, which by default is ignoring half of who you are.. and this me is saying no to that.

So here’s to documenting and ranting about every emotion imaginable. Take a seat and enjoy the ride people because… well.. this could get messy.



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